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Various Instruments

Evolution 2.0 (2017)

SABRE-Bassclarinet / Percussion Ensemble (4 players)

all’arabesque (2016)

Clarinet, Basson/Bassclarinet, Piano 


Cosmopolitain Trio (2016)

Bassclarinet, Cello, Piano

Octet (2015)

Clarinet, Basson, Frenchhorn, String quartet, Contrabass

Available on iTunes


Memories (2012)

Alto-Flute/Bassettclarinet/Alto-Saxophone and Piano


Ikarus (2006-2007)

Flutes, Clarinets, Accordion, Percussion and Electronics


Adino (2005)

Altoflute, Eb-clarinet and Bassoon


Lieta (2005)

Woodwind Sextet (Fl./Oboe/Clar./Bass Clar./Bsn./Horn)


Meta(maur)phose (2005)

Flute, Bassclarinet and String trio


Le coeur de la matière (2004-2005)

Flutes, Clarinet/Bassclarinet, Frenchhorn, Violin, Violoncello, Piano and Percussion Music in 21 Parts after Teilhard de Chardin


1. Evolution Audio

2. Vergehen Audio

8. Noosphäre Audio

12. Aufbruch Audio

15. mer de flemme Audio


Bassalp (2003)

4 Bassclarinets, 4 Alphorns and 4 Contrabasses



Xela (2002)

Clarinet, Frenchorn and Bassoon


Zako (2001)

Flute, Oboe and Bassclarinet


Atacama (1998)

Flutes, Clarinets and Harp


Fractal (1994)

Flute, Bassclarinet, Violin and Violoncello

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